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What are the Pros and Cons of Alkaline Water?

Water that has a pH level higher than 7.0 is known to be less acidic as compared to your standard tap water. This is known as alkaline water. What Exactly Is pH Level?  The pH scale starts from 0 and ends at 14. Liquids that are between 0 to 7 are qualified to be acidic, while the ones between 7 and 14 are defined as alkaline. For example, these are the pH levels of different types of liquids: Wine has a pH level that ranges between 5 to 3.5. Beer has a pH level that ranges from 4.0 to 5.0. Seawater has a pH level that is around 8.0. Cleaning detergents have a very high pH level of 12.0+. A...

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Alkaline Water versus Distilled Water: What's The Difference?

Difference between distilled water and alkaline water Distilled water is when tap water is boiled and then condensed to vapor back into the water. On the other hand, alkaline water is water that is filtered to raise the pH level to make it less acidic by adding more minerals in rather than getting rid of them. The distillation process focuses on bringing down the total dissolved solids (TDS) to 0 by removing all the minerals from the water. However, this is a cause of concern because mineralization in water is an essential element for human health. A lot of people ask whether distilled water is alkaline. But what they don’t know is that water purification has two very different concepts...

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Refillable Phox Water Filter

How often do you discover that your daily essential items often have more than one use, or that you haven’t been utilizing them in the best way? We tend to lean towards an autopilot mode whenever we interact with these everyday essentials. In this blog post, we will share new tips that you probably weren’t aware of about your Phox refillable water filter. After using your filter in your daily drinking routine, we’re sure you have questions about how the jug works, how it improves the water and how you can tackle the issues that might appear during use. Listed below are five things you will be surprised to know about the Phox V2 Water filter. 1. The Alkaline Pack gives the...

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